Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Improvements

The "get the house on the market" has begun! I pulled out all of the hinges my hubby bought, dare I say a year or two ago! I have a ton of stuff sitting on our dining room table as a reminder of everything we need to get done. I thought that would be the motivation he would need to get it in gear. Wrong! Two weeks, almost three weeks later there they all sit! It will be crunch time right up to the wire in getting things done!

I have a longer list of things I need to get for the graduation party! So many photos to get uploaded to the laptop, and get a slide show going, so we can hook it up to the TV.... or I just may print off all of his school year pictures, and just have all of his albums out for people to look at, and just have some photo collages of the pictures I have on the laptop made up to display? So many things to get done, and oh so little time!

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