Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream vacation

Everyone dreams of going to Paris, and I am no different! I would love to go. One of my former church friends daughter went over there a year ago after she got married and lived for a year. I loved following her travels via her blog. She talked about her luxury paris apartment, and laughed, as it was so tiny. But she loved it, so I guess thats all that matters! She had some amazing pictures of the city, and even more of the country side that she visited. I lived my dream vacation through her travels for a year.

One of the things she did on her year abroad was go to a culinary school. The dishes she made looked amazing! I am still waiting for her to post some of the recipes, so I can give them a try! If I were single (and younger) I would love to go over there and go to cooking school! One day I will convince my hubby to take me on a dream vacation to Paris!

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