Sunday, June 03, 2012

The things you find

You will never believe what we found when we were fixing up the bathroom! We had to patch up the wall around the tub, and before sealing off the hole, I shined the flashlight inside, just to make sure the kitty didn't bring any of her toys in there and saw a dark object along side the tub. My hubby reached in and pulled out this flute case, not sure how we didn't see it two years ago when the said hole first came to be (don't ask), but we found it now. Sadly, when we opened it, there was no flute inside. We have no clue who, or why anyone would hide a case in the wall surrounding the tub. Strange!

We have no use for an empty flute case, and not sure anyone else does either. This is one instrument neither of us know how to play. It would be fun to learn, but I am still wanting to learn the piano/keyboard. One day I will finally get around to taking lessons, and "stealing" my father in laws awesome piano! I know he will give it to me, as he loves me the most! Ha!

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