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Sunday Seven #435

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Have you ever visited a website and been so turned off by some feature that you saw or heard that you immediately closed the window and went somewhere else? If so, this week’s edition is for you!
I found a list at of the 12 Ways to Turn Off Web Visitors and thought it’d make a great question.
So that’s this week’s topic! Thanks for dropping by!
Be sure to check back this week and click on the links of bloggers who play along in the comments below! It’s a great way to find blogs you may not have visited and to keep the conversation going! Either answer in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your blog (with a link here), and then comment here with a link back to your blog so that everyone else can visit! You must include a link back to this blog, and you may not copy this question to a message board for play there. Enjoy!


Name seven ways a website is most likely to turn you off on a first visit.

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1. Lots of flash items
2. Music on their site
3. Pop up banners
4. Unclickable links
5. Falsely posting giveaways, that only lead you to other sites that you have to join/subcribe to just to enter the drawing.
6. Sites that just don't work
7. Misleading sites, meaning its not one that I care to see
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