Saturday, June 02, 2012

Change of plans

I had a feeling that we would be receiving a phone call from the inlaws saying that Gramps wasn't feeling well and that they were cancelling out dinner out. We had to scramble to see if we could cancel the order for the flowers and the cohiba cigars (even though we knew he wouldn't be smoking these, ever, he has always wanted them to go with the rest of the cigars he had), make other phone calls to alert the other guests of the change of plans.

What a morning! Then the oldest calls to say he forgot his wallet and wanted to know if I could bring it to him at his work. Luckily we were going that way, as we still had to go to the inlaws to get one of their cars for me to drive for the week, as we turned in the Jeep. Once at the mall, I had to do a little shopping! Who can resist a sale, along with getting the kids employee discount as well!??!?!? Visited with the inlaws for a bit, got the Tahoe, then home to work on the rest of the bathroom remodel project!

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