Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation time

I am trying to figure out what and where we want to go on our vacation at the end of the month. The youngest wants to go amusement parks, but I just can't do them anymore. I am much more into the antique shopping, window browsing, and laying on the beach! I would love to travel up the East Coast and hit all of the New England states. If only I had more vacation time so the hubby and I could go on a long weekend trip by ourselves. I would love to go visit some of the historical sites in New Jersey. Who knows this may even intrigue Trent, but then again, he would be itching to hit the roller coasters as I just saw that there is a Six Flags in New Jersey as well. I can always bribe him with me promising to learn to play golf and go golfing with him and his dad.

I would just like to have a lazy vacation to do what I want for a change. The scenery alone would be vacation enough for me! I am ready to take some awesome pictures, and you never know, I may just run into some Amish folk! This would make my vacation day! And as always, there must be some shopping involved, and I see that there are plenty of malls and outlet shops just waiting for me to explore! So I am putting in my two cents and hoping that I am the winner in what we do on our vacation this year! Wish me luck!

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