Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Deck plans

So I have the bug to do some home improvements, what with a long holiday weekend coming up at the end of this month! I want to extend the deck a little, so we can walk out the door in the kitchen right to the deck. I have wanted a slider put in my dining room for the longest time, but the hubby says its not going to happen, as it will turn out to be more costly as we would have to reside the house. So this idea of mine will be cheaper, or so I think!

After we complete this project I would really love to get a hottub and one of those cool spa covers so we can show off our new deck. I know, I wanted to go the cheaper route, but you know me, I love to spend money, and if I can't get the slider that I want, then a hottub it is! LOL I do know that I will be shot down, but a girl can dream can't she!?!

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