Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Seven

Once upon a time, Aspirin was more than a medicine tablet: it was a specific trademark of the Bayer Corporation. Over time, the word became so common that we now use “aspirin” for any brand of acetylsalicylic acid tablets.
Kleenex is another trademark that hasn’t lost its status, but is often used whether the person means a Kleenex-brand tissue or one made by Puffs, Marcal or some generic store brand.
I found a list of 25 trademarks that are often used generically rather than about one specific brand of product. There’s even a link at the bottom of the list to 10 more such names. You’ll use these in this week’s challenge.
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Name seven of trademarks you most often find yourself using generically.

1.  band aids
2.  chapstick
3.  tupperware
4.  kleenex
5.  onesies
6.  velcro
7.  sharpies

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