Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is the year

For me getting some sort of camper! Now that I am working, I want to have some sort of camping attire... I am over the whole tent camping, so either a pop up, or a small motor home. I will be calling our insurance guy to get some rv insurance quotes. I am thinking it will be more along the lines of a pop up, so that means we will be getting a new vehicle as well so we can pull it.

With me working during the week, I will be going right from work to the camp site, so there MUST be great restrooms/showers, as I can't go into work smelling like campfires! That won't go over well at all! I may just change my work clothes before I leave work, and leave my slacks and blazer in my locker, and the tops for the week, just to be on the safe side to keep them smoke free.

Hopefully this all works out for us this year! I am ready to enjoy some camping this year, as we didn't go but once last year.

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