Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After sending out lots of resumes and applying to various jobs, like Chiropractor Jobs, retail jobs and even my last resort of fast food jobs; I finally have a job! I will be working with a local hospital in one of the urgent care facilities as a registration specialist. I received my employee packet today, and have lots of paper work to go through and fill out before orientation on Monday.

I knew I would have a few days training, but wasn't prepared for the email I received today, and have 19 days of training over the month of December! I have to figure out how to get Trent home from school for the next two weeks, then it won't matter as he will be on Christmas break the last two weeks of Dec.

I am thinking I will be in the midst of all of those last minute shoppers, as my time has just been severed to shop!! Oh well!

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