Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some friendly pumpkin carviing competition

Guest post written by Angela Bryant

My favorite part of the Halloween season has always been carving a pumpkin. When I was a little girl I would try and carve the scariest jack o lantern that I could manage. A lot of the time I think that I spent so much more time than was necessary on it. Well now that I'm the one that's footing the bill for the pumpkins, I encourage my kids to carve as many jack o lanterns as they want and I do as many as I care to do to set out on our front porch.

A few weeks before October starts, I'm already online with my clearwire trying to find some great new ideas for carving pumpkins.

This year I saw where people had actually stuck Christmas lights on pumpkins to make them light up. It looked pretty cool, but I'll always go for the fun of actually carving pumpkins. It's just way more fun that way! This year I decided to make a zombie pumpkin and I actually did a really good job with it! My kids followed suit and made a zombie pumpkin each, so we grouped them together on our front porch as a little zombie pumpkin family!

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