Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Oh joy!

Yesterday was a fun one! I had lots to do, but some got cut short, or put me behind I should say. Once I arrived at Sunshine, my car slowly crept to a parking spot and died. Yes died! Ugh! I was hoping it was just the battery and would only need a jump to get her going again. I found a maintenance guy to see if he could give me a jump after my meeting. Thankfully that did the trick, but I was paranoid the remainder of the day thinking it would do this again when I picked up Trent. Luckily it started ok for me.

John looked at the terminals once he got home, and corroded they were! Still trying to figure out how they go so bad! Who knows!

So today, I want to soak in a nice hot tub filled with dead sea salts, to help calm my nerves, so I can proceed with my busy day of catch up! Oh how I love house work! NOT!

I would much rather be sitting in my nice comfy chaise knitting, but housework and yard work are calling my name. It needs to get done, as this week is going to be one of our last nice weeks before that dreaded 4 letter word arrives!

So I am off to take the boy to school, then home to enjoy the bath, then tackle my oh so fun job of house/yard work!

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