Monday, October 03, 2011

A busy couple of days

Busy day today! Drop Trent off at school, then I am off to Sunshine for my MomsNext meeting. Then it will be rush, rush, rush, as I need to get laundry done, dinner going, then back to pick up Trent from school, home finish the laundry, dinner, then back to Sunshine to drop Trent off at Campus Life.

So this means my Tuesday will be my day of cleaning, as well as yard work. The lawn needs mowed (Trent will do this), weeds trimmed, flower beds pruned, rose bush trimmed, lawn ornaments, chairs/table need to be put in the garage.

Its going to be a busy couple of days! Maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I can relax and just knit. Oh wait, Thurs. is another laundry day, let the vicious cycle return!

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