Monday, August 29, 2011

Park playdate/shopping

Today was supposed to be a normal Monday of doing my normal "monday chores", but it turned into a park playdate and a shopping trip. After taking Trent to his school orientation, we headed home, grabbed some lunch then headed out to the park to meet up with a couple of moms and their kiddos. It was great seeing them, and enjoyed the "mom talks". We then headed to Target to do some shop/browsing. A few items we had to check the prices using those self serve barcode scanner things. One item rang up at a high price, so that item was put back down in a hurry. Too bad it wasn't on clearance like the others, as it was really nice.

I still have to get some school supplies for Trent, but those will have to wait until after the first day of school, as we still have no clue as to what he will be needing. I so hate how they have this set up, as everything is usually picked over. The must get item is a pair of shoes, as his reek, after this past weekend's trip to Michigan's Adventure.

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