Wednesday, July 20, 2011

W.T.F. Meme (Wednesday)

Eating ramen noodles and Starbursts while in witness protection

1) If you had to go into the witness protection program and were given the chance to chose your new name, what would you pick for your name? Jalee Smith

2) In many books there are random blank pages, sometimes right after the credits page or between chapters. Sometimes the pages say "This page is intentionally left blank." Why do you think they feel the need to say that, and is it really "blank" if that is printed on it? I don't know why they say that, and no I don't think its really blanks, as there are words on that page

3) The makers of Starburst candies has based its current ad campaign around the idea of contradictions (They're solid but juicy like a liquid). In what way or ways is your life a contradiction? Hmmm... I guess I put on many faces... I need to just be me, and let the pieces fall as they may!

4) July 20 is "Ugly Truck Day." Who seriously comes up with these things? What is the ugliest type of vehicle? Those stupid "smart cars"

5) People who drive pickup trucks and own dogs often drive around with their dogs roaming around loose in the bed of the truck. Do you think this practice is okay or is it wrong in a PETA type of way? I don't agree with it, but not in a PETA way, I just worry that it will get hurt if there were to be an accident.

6) Borders announced this week that it will close the rest of its 399 stores after a bankruptcy earlier this year and closing many stores already. With the invention of electronic book readers and e-books, do you think the print book industry is totally dying or do you think there will always be people who prefer to read books on paper? I think there will be those that still want the good old fashion book readers (myself included - I just haven't jumped 100% on the e-book thing yet)

7) Have you ever thought you saw the face of the Virgin Mary or Jesus or some other religious figure in an inanimate object? no

8) I heard a local radio talk show discuss ramen noodles in depth last week. A woman called in saying she made spaghetti with ramen noodles, tomato soup, and Italian seasoning. Do you have any good (or just interesting) recipes that use ramen noodles? Nope... I haven't even tried them

9) What do you think is the most repulsive form of music? Rap

10) When I was a kid and all my classmates were at summer camps, I was always stuck at home because my parents couldn't afford to send me off to camp. Were you one of the lucky kids who got to go to a summer camp of some sort? I went to came a few times... my oldest didn't ever want to go, but my youngest is at camp this week.

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