Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The Spring cleaning bug has hit me. I started today with the bathroom, and boy was that a chore! But the tub looks better than ever! Next up is our bedroom. I want to take everything out of our closet and put back only the stuff we have used in the last year, so that means my hubby's custom coins will have to be moved to a different location.

I would so love to paint in our bedroom, but that would mean my hubby would be the one helping me, as I can't move our bed by myself. Let's just say, that painting with my hubby isn't all that fun. Its been a long time coming for our room to be finally redone since moving in. I should just bite the bullet and ask him to help me!

Trent took care of cleaning his room, and on his own. He rearranged and cleaned it last week when he had a snow day. Yep, a snow day at the end of March!

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