Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its tax time

We are unsure if we will owe anything this year, as we cashed out our 401K. I think we will break even, but the hubby isn't so sure. If we do indeed break even I plan on going on a shopping spree: led tvs, entertainment center, counter tops, dishes, and silver ware; to name a few items! Insert silly smile.

I know that hubby is wanting some new work boots, so that will be another shopping trip. And he says it takes me forever to shop for clothes/shoes, oh my! The last time we went to get him boots we were at the store for-ever. But he needs them, so I will get through this trip. He is also wanting a new amp, ugh.

As for Trent, he needs braces, so that will be a chunk of change. Then there is driver's training, and he wants to go to camp this summer with Campus Life.

So before I know it, then money in savings will dwindle away. I need a part time job so I can keep the budget in check, and start to replenish the savings! Wish me luck!

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