Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting healthy

My goal for this year is to be healthy. Last year was not a fun year, first with my arm, and then ending with me not being able to eat with out having yucky cramps and feeling sick all the time.

I need to either start back up with my Herbalife or find a good multivitamin that will fit into our budget. If I could find a part time job that works with my hours, then I could for sure start back up with Herbalife, as I really like their products.

Going to the gym is a must as well, like I stated in a previous post, I have been going a few times a week and love the results I have seen thus far! Now to just keep it up! They are working on getting their tanning booths working, and once they are, I plan on using that as well, so I will be ready for beach season!!

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