Sunday, January 02, 2011


I am trying to convince my hubby and his boss, Mike, to hire me as their part time office gal. They are talking about getting a CNC machine, and if they do they will need someone to answer the phones. The catch is, I only want to be part time, and possibly be able to do some of this from home. If we do, then we need to look into getting a small business phone system set up at home. I am hoping I can be real persuading, as I am getting kinda of bored sitting at home, not to mention feeling guilty with not helping with the family income.

I have put in a few applications, but really don't want to get a job outside the home, as I am so set in my ways of doing things, and this would put a damper on my social life! At least with this, I could forward the phone to my cell if I need to run out and do some stuff. Got my fingers crossed!

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