Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trying something new

Just receiving my coloring kit from

I will admit I was a little leary of this process, as I am trusting the color choice of someone I have never met. The process of ordering was really simple, just answer a few questions and they will customize your coloring kit for you. I received this kit in a few days.

My before shot (don't mind my tired look - it was a long day at work!)

During, don't I look cute??

And after - just did a quick blow dry; tomorrow I will straighten it before I go to work.

After seeing the after shot, I really, really need a hair cut! I wanted to grow it out, but just not digging how it looks right now!

I do like the color, it is a little more orange/red to my normal red I go with, but its not bad. The eSalon was a fun thing to try out, but I don't think I will go with them again. The color kit was more of an oil base process and I don't really care for that. I prefer the creme base color kits. If you want to try this process out, you can get a 50% discount using this link: eSalon

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Friday, January 03, 2014

Love new things

I wish I would have found these window candles led before Christmas was over with. And way before I put on the plastic on the windows. Maybe in my next house, you know the one where I don't have to put plastic on the windows, I can have candles in the windows. Along with all the pretty lights on the house. Not sure when this will come to pass, but I can keep dreaming! I want to have the house that everyone wants to drive to look at all the pretty lights!

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bowl games

I so don't like this time of year, all of the bowl games, playoff games, etc are on. All of my shows go on hiatus, and I get booted out of the living room so the guys can have the TV. Sure I have a TV in my bedroom, but its and old school TV and small. If I could at least hook up my laptop to it, I wouldn't mind being up there. That way I could watch netflix on that, instead of the laptop. I need to let my ears breathe for while; wearing headphones for the last few days hasn't been any fun!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

My hubby the craftsman

Now that John has finished my step stool, he is now wanting to make a guitar stool. I knew he would find another project to work on, but just didn't think it would be so soon! I first want him to clean up the basement, and KEEP it clean, that way he can enjoy using that stool playing his guitar.

I know that I am doing some wishful thinking, as he will continue on with the new project, clean basement or not. I may have to go down there myself to get things cleaned up, and clean as he continues on with his project.

He did a really good job on this stool; now lets hope the next one is just a good!

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Mother Nature is not a very nice person right now! The rain/ice had better stop! If my sons plane is delayed, I will be very ticked! I am still trying to decide whether or not I am going to venture out and get groceries and the stocking stuffers I need. I don't want to have to try and mess with the crowds tomorrow....but its looking like that is going to be my option. I give it another hour, before I try and head out, hopefully it will be ok then!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wish list

The hubby has been using his dad's beat up laptop down in the basement while he is trying to figure out this amp he is building, and is getting frustrated with it. He was browsing the net when he saw that one of his favorite sites was advertising affordable ipad holder at musicians friend, and shot me a text (yes we text each other while at home, so neither of us has to get up and go find each other..LOL) saying he now wants and iPad. I think not! I am done shopping for him, outside of stocking stuffers and an iPad is not a stocking stuffer!

Maybe for his 50th I will get him and iPad... Maybe!

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It's not even winter yet, and I am so over this weather! I am just thankful that I don't have to drive in this stuff... only if I want too! I am so hoping that the weather doesn't get nasty on Friday, as I don't want Trent's plane to be delayed!

I just wish we all could hop on a plane and head south and enjoy a "green" Christmas this year! Heck, I wish the hubby could find a job in one of the southern states, or out west, as I am done with having to deal with all of this white stuff!!

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Work at home jobs

I am on the hunt to find a great "work at home" job. I am starting to miss having my own money, and the pinching of pennies is starting to wear on me! I don't want to go back into the work force, as I love being home, I just want to find something that I can do from home. There are several house cleaning services in cary nc, just need to see if there are any in Michigan.

I am still holding out hope for my crafting business to take off! I am going to go check out an open house this weekend at a place that I just might be able to rent out a space for a small monthly fee to display my items. We shall see how it goes! As for now, I will still keep listing things on my FB page. And taking orders here and there for fun items!

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Love it or List it

Love this show! As I sit here and watch it, I just chuckle, as it never fails to amuse me how they always find major problems and the home owners freak out when they can't get things done that they want.

Tonight's episode is no different. They find that the attic had a major fire, and the homeowners knew nothing about.. yeah right, how could they not, as it would have to been noted when the bought the house. After seeing this, I have a feeling that they will be "listing" the house in the end... It would very much surprise me if they stay!

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Musical instruments

Have you played any musical instruments? Or are there any that you have always wanted to play?

When in high school I played the clarinet, but wanted to play the flute. I really want to learn how to play the piano, and one of these days I will! This should be the time, as I am no longer working. I would like to talk my father inlaw into letting me borrow his piano, as it is just sitting in the basement collecting dust. I will have to work on him over Christmas!!

This would be a fun thing to learn as well, sharpsicle. Its got a cute name, and doesn't look to hard to play. I may have to add this to my wish list as well! We have to get that Saladino band going somehow!

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Thanksgiving leftovers

What is your favorite thing to do with leftovers? I love a yummy turkey sandwich, and a nice big dish of turkey potpie. I have so much leftovers, I will be eating turkey until it comes out my ears! LOL I do have to go get some more stuffing, as that is all gone, and I love stuffing with my turkey!! LOL

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That has been the talk of our house the last few weeks. John keeps looking at different scematics to see how he wants to finish up his similar version of the greta amp. We have gone through so much printer paper, as he keeps printing off the plans. And some times he reprints them as he either loses them or they get messed up in the basement. I have to find the page protectors so he can save them, and my paper!

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The Following

So I am hooked on yet another TV show. The Following. I have been getting caught up on the first season, via Netflix since Thanksgiving. Such a freaky show, but it sucks you right in! So many to add to my list of must sees, my DVR will be full, and if not, then I will be watching them ONDEMAND.

But my favorite show of all, is Walking Dead, and I am so bummed that the mid-season finale is tonight. I so hate that they do this, as its going to be a long month or so until it resumes for a few short weeks, until it ends again until Fall.

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